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AoA Jean Grey

Note: All things marked with * refer to items that are strictly MUX-related, and have no basis in the Marvel Canon.

Click here for a picture of her after the Phoenix TP goes off.

Alias(es): Jeanie, Red
Parents: John and Elaine Grey
Other Known Relatives: Sister Sara(h) Grey & children Joey and Gailyn
Orig. Home: Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
Position: Team Psion
Game: Age of Apocalypse MUX Http: N
Created: February 1997
VR Age: 20something
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Hair: Flame-Red.
Eyes: Green
Pix: One

This is my app for the char. Enjoy...

2. Description:

This young woman has a few lines on her beautiful face. Her red hair is long, the ember lengths making it to her waist in the back, her part causing a sweep of red over her forehead. Her green eyes show compassion, warmth, and yet steel if needed. A very complex young woman is she, with a body that shows the traces of some training as well as some deprivation.

(Later, after some TPs)

There is a blueish tattoo on the left side of her face, running up over her eyelid and around to make a backwards 'C' on her cheek. Her body is slim, showing the effects of some training as well as a recent stint in the breeding pens. Her green eyes show off a steely determination unusual in one of the downtrodden. A red metallic band with a phoenix symbol on it has been fused to her skull.

(X-Men Costume)

She is wearing a form-fitting spandex costume from neck to toes. The costume has only two colors: red and gold. The red nicely complements her red hair, and the gold makes her a regal sort of figure. The gold goes down from her shoulders to her waist like a one-piece swimsuit would, but instead of bare skin, there is fiery, bloody red to cover it all demurely. Her hands and feet are shod in gold, the gold coursing up her body until it reaches two peaks on both arms and legs.

(Phoenix Costume)

She is wearing bloody, fiery red from head to foot. Swirling around her body in various places is the gold of the sun, the gold of fire. Covering from her hands to her upper arms, and from her feet to her upper thighs, the gold shines out as a beacon of light and hope. It licks up against the rich red of the body of the costume. Around her hips is more gold, a sash draped off her right hip, held in place by a pin shaped like a bird of prey, the firebird of legend. The phoenix symbology continues with a huge version of it plastered across her chest in gold, a reminder that this lady isn't one to be trifled with. The final splash of gold comes in the form of two stripes running up either side, linking her thigh-high golden boots with two golden epaulets on either shoulder, a fluid design which complements the whole costume. Around her head and face is more spandex, framing the metallic band apparently fused to her skull. There are more blood-red designs on the costume. They include twin wristguards in metallic red, and a legband on her left thigh also in the same red, touched off by another golden phoenix symbol.

> 3. Background:

Jean Grey was born to John and Elaine Grey in Annandale-upon-Hudson, a sleepy college town in New York State, one of the further-flung 'burbs of New York City. She had the normal childhood that any middle-class child would have. She had plenty of friends, particularly Annie Richardson. Annie was killed when she was hit by a car while playing with Jean. Jean's telepathy kicked in, and she lived Annie's death. This immediately caused shock for the young child, who had no way of dealing with this set of new sensations. She hid herself away from everyone, because she couldn't yet control her new powers. Her parents consulted a number of psychiatrists, but Jean couldn't be helped. No one really understood how she was able to know the thoughts of others, but she couldn't keep them out. Eventually, the Greys had no recourse but to have her placed in a mental institution, under sedation.

Still, the powers that Jean wielded would not be kept under wraps. Things moved around, people said odd things... in all, the institution was said to be haunted. Jean's parents heard these rumors and decided to move her to somewhere 'safer'. However, the incidents continued to occur as Jean's telekinesis and telepathy continued to wreak havoc with the dreary white-suited workers at the new place. John and Elaine finally realized that it was Jean that was doing this. However, before they could do more than promise to try and help her, a white-haired man by the name of Magnus came to Jean and offered her the right kind of help.

Jean was introduced to the other students at the Wundagore installation. After some initial treatment to get her powers under her nominal control, she was invited to join the X-Men. With the team, she finally honed her powers into their full adult stature and control. She joined such students as Ororo, Wanda, Pietro, and the other original clan of X-Men, finding a family to replace her natural one. She was surprised when she met an older man known only as Logan. He was feral, and he immediately fascinated her. This where we leave off.

4. Powers (including all known "tricks" or "stunts"):


Jean's primary mutant power is that of her telepathy. She can enter another's mind and rifle it for knowledge. She can also do a number of mental stunts with her powers.


Jean is able to enter the mind of just about anyone without psi-shields. Most normal humans will never be aware of Jean's contact unless she wants them to know. Through a probe, Jean can extract information, including stuff from memory or the relatively deep subconscious. Unless the mind is shielded or otherwise resistant to mental probes, Jean will be able to extract what she needs, unless it's hidden reallyreally deep. The problem with mindprobes is that a canny adversary can set up a trap for Jean, where she finds something that overwhelms her or otherwise takes her out of commission. If she encounters something so strong and violent that she cannot keep it from overwhelming her, at the very least, she'll be ejected from the mindlink. At worst, she'll be rendered unconscious. Jean can break down the mental shields of most lesser telepaths, but she cannot break into the mind of any equal or higher-ranked telepaths and rifle for info unless that person allows it or is incredibly stupid. :)


Jean is able to create mindlinks between herself and up to 10 others with relative ease, and 5 more with difficulty. These mindlinks act like a conference call, wherein everyone hears everything at the same time. These links also allow for mid-range sensory awareness, mostly of danger and strong nerve sensations, such as pain. Jean is able to hold these links to people close to her and minds familiar to hers at distances of hundreds of miles. The downside of mindlinks is that unless Jean is very careful, the sudden pain or unconsciousness of one or more members of the mindlink could reflect back on either her, severing the mindlink, or cause all of the members of the mindlink to at least feel the pain and be staggered. Also, while Jean's mindlinks work over hundreds of miles for people she is close to, the number of minds she can hold in link diminishes with distance, as well as the strength of the link and the ability to communicate. At 500 miles, she can merely hold two minds in link with hers, and only if those two minds are in close proximity. The link is garbled when it comes to speech, but emotions still come through all right.


Jean has the ability to cast illusions of herself or of others. With this ability, she can be lounging in one area while an attacker can beat the tar out of a tree or something. These illusions only allow for Jean to cast up to 10 different illusions, each roughly the size of a person. Jean's illusions will not fool anyone with 'special noses'. In other words, her illusions are merely of sight and sound. They also have no scent and cannot be touched. Fellow telepaths of equal or higher rank can easily penetrate these illusions, as well as people who do not rely solely on sight and sound for proof of something's existence.

Memory Tricks

Jean has the ability to alter or fudge the memories of many people at once. This is sort of a 'psionic scrambling' which mostly just alters enough of the memories of the people involved so that they don't remember all of the details of whatever Jean is altering. Jean can fudge the memories of up to 50 nearby individuals to protect the identities of her compatriots. As with many memory tricks in RL and SF/F, the actual true memories are still there. A particularly strong-willed individual will eventually remember the truth. Also, psi-shielding of low/mid-range will cause the alteration to fail immediately.


Jean is able to mind-scan around herself for a radius of roughly a football stadium. This scan consists of a light touch upon an individual's mind to ascertain general feelings or intents. Very strong feelings or intents are of course picked up more quickly. Jean of course has harder times scanning minds which are psi-shielded for whatever reason. This reduces the range of her scan, as she has to concentrate more on scanning the shielded mind(s). Also, if trying to scan to predict a foe's actions, she cannot predict the actions of someone whose mind is passive. In other words, if facing someone whose body moves without conscious thought, then she cannot of course aid her teammates in predicting what the person is about to do.

Astral Projection

Jean is able to be, however cliche as it may be, two places at once. She can separate herself from her body in two ways. The more minor version is basically latching onto someone's mind and then manifesting her astral self there. This manifestation can either be in the form of her face in the form of a full-blown image of herself. The person(s) she is projecting to will 'see' her off to the side, rather than hearing her voice inside their heads.

Astral Plane

The more involved form of Jean's astral projection concerns manifesting on the astral plane, that timeless place where telepathy is the supreme power. On the astral plane, she can confer with other people there or battle any of them. As telepathy is the power of choice there, she is likely to be able to take out lesser telepaths, and have to work to take out equal telepaths. Telepathy acts like telekinesis on the astral plane, allowing Jean to manifest psychic armor to protect her mind from attack or chew up the landscape and fashion it to her desires. There is a downside to astral plane hijinks. Of course, who's watching over Jean's body while she's playing on the plane? If no one is, then it's likely she could be assaulted, raped, killed, or any sort of stuff while she's not in residence. Her body will breathe and work, but she'll essentially not be there and no brain activity beyond bodily functions will register.


Jean is able to take control of the minds of others. This control lets her basically tap into the senses of another person in the lowest sort of setting. It gradually works its way up into making subconscious suggestions to full-blown outright control of the mind and body of the person she is trying to control. Of course, it is easier for her to control the person if the subject is doing something he or she normally would do anyways. It is harder for Jean to control the minds of psi-shielded individuals, but it can be done, if the shielding is 2/3 or less of her own shielding. She needs the leeway to be able to break into that shielding /and/ to control, so she can't do both if the shielding is 2/3 her own. Also, if Jean is running someone's body and that someone gets clobbered, it's likely to backlash on Jean. At the very least, it will expel her from the link. At worst, it could make her unconscious.


Jean has formidable shields around her own mind. These have grown out of the self-defensive shields she erected around her mind from childhood. Jean is normally a very private person, so she is likely to have her shields on 2/3 strength all the time. It will take a telepath of more-than-equal power to break into her shields and into her mind without her consent.


Jean is able to enter the minds of others and knock them for a loop. This has the standard limitations on psi-shielding which affects all of her other telepathic abilities. Jean can actually reach into the minds of others and quietly shut them down if need be, but this is a power she /will not/ use unless it's a major case of life and death.


Telekinesis is the power to manipulate objects (including herself) in a physical manner (i.e. push this, lift that, etc.) Telekinesis is an extremely versatile power, enabling the user to do a number of things...


Altitude only until breathing becomes a problem. Speed only up to, say, 45 mph. She can go faster w/o passengers, but can fly up to 5 people with her, with a decrease in speed.

TK Shields

Jean can generate telekinetic shields that can surround herself and a small number of companions in an area of several meters around her. These shields can be hemispherical to the ground, or spherical if she's in the air. Generally, she does not bother to shield the bit of ground she and the other shieldees are standing on. This sort of shield is capable of withstanding up to 25 tons of force in a purely physical attack. Energy attacks generally are treated as a weak to mid-range physical attack, depending on the strength of the attack, unless they are the sort which are designed to drill through TK shields.

Molecular Transformations

Jean is capable of minor transformations that involve tinkering with things with her TK at the molecular level. Mostly, this is limited to changing her clothes or minor things nearby. She can do only one other person's clothing at any given time.

PHOENIX FORCE (This is after some TPs)

With the addition of the Phoenix Force, Jean is now a power to truly be reckoned with, in the league of Apocalypse and Magneto. All of Jean's powers are boosted by the Phoenix Force. For simplicity's sake, tack on an extra 10 to each number listed above. Not changing 10 into 100, but 10 into 20, that sort of thing. The Phoenix Force allows for other specific boosts to Jean's powers...


Now stellar range. Jean doesn't need to breathe anymore. She can lift twice as many people as before. However, she has problems containing atmosphere to let them breathe if they venture in her aura out into space. Jean can now also travel from England to America in 7 minutes and some-odd seconds.


Instead of being limited to clothes or other inorganics, Jean can now do full-scale alchemy, transforming plants to crystal, things like that. She can only do it on a tiny scale, not on the scale of a full alchemic. She can't suddenly transform a person into gold, but her limit is transforming a tree into it. It's mostly lesser living things to non-living matter. She canNOT transform something non-living into something living (crystal back into a plant, say).


Jean now has the ability to sense the genetics of someone, and right any genetic tampering that was caused, such as changing a water-breather to an air-breather. However, she can't cause /new/ changes. She can only revert someone to their original genetic pattern. It also weakens her greatly, leaving her open to attack.


Instead of the usual TK-blasts listed above, Jean now has access to energy blasts on the level of Havok or Cyclops, or any of the other heavy hitters in that department. These blasts are limited by the band grafted onto her forehead to control her powers. (HINT to wizzen... this is what keeps the PF from becoming as dangerous as it is in other timelines.)

> 5. Personality:

Jean Grey is steel clothed in silk. She is a diplomat, someone who can get others to do what she needs them to do by the power of her voice. She firmly believes in the need for mutant/human equality, and she's quite willing to fight for it, to protect humans from Apocalypse and his regime if necessary. She can be soothing, she can be less than sympathetic. She can be what is most needed to help someone get on with business, whether it be to give them space, or give them a swift kick in the butt. Jean is utterly devoted to the plan created by Magneto with the help of the late Charles Xavier to create a world where humans and mutants can co-exists peacefully. However, she may not agree with all of Magneto's methods.

(Later... Logan-willing)

Her secondary devotion in life is to Logan, the man called Weapon X. They are truly soulmates, both tempered in the forges of pain and hope.

> 6. Non-powered Talents/Skills:

Jean has a few non-powered skills. Like all of Magneto's students, she is adept at minor espionage and computer hacking. She can't break into anything really secure, but she at least knows the basics, same as all of Magneto's students.

Jean is also an adept pilot. One of her special fortes, she is able to fly a great many different aircraft, although she'd need to raid the mind of a space pilot to be able to fly a spacecraft.

Jean also has some self-defense training. While not being a brawler a la Logan or Colossus, she can at least hold her own against normal humans. With her telepathy backing her up, she could conceivablyhold her own against a large number of normal humans and non-fighting-oriented mutants.

2. What are your plans for this character?

First of all, Jean is going to be captured by agents of Apocalypse. They will know she's a mutant, a powerful one, and will try and woo her away from Magneto's camp. When she refuses, she's treated poorly, gaining experiences similar to those that Rachel faced as a hound in Real-X. However, her newly-forged link to Logan (Logan-willing) will make him come to try and get her out. He manages to get in, but on the way out, the bad guys (take your pick, but the Summers boys might be best) try to stop them. Logan can lose a hand if he wants, but Jean will be shot by Scott (hee!), taking a blast meant for Logan. The Phoenix Force, wandering to earth once more, sees her noble sacrifice and offers to give her life to let her save Logan (who is still getting his butt handed to him by the Summers boys). Perhaps Logan will have brought the X-Men with him, so the entire team needs to be saved (I'm trying to make this as similar to the original Phoenix timeline as possible). Jean agrees to the possession by the Phoenix and rises up a level in power. However, her experiences in the clutches of Apocalypse's agents cause Magneto to worry about her (after they all get away). In a period of lucidity, Jean agrees to have psionic dampeners permanently fused to her skull, to keep her powers at a certain level, because Magneto quickly realized that the power of the Phoenix could destroy the entire planet easily.

After that, all else is open. :)

Most names and likenesses mentioned on this page are copyright 1997 Marvel Entertainment Group, and all are used without permission.

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